DAF LF 320 Euro 6

Construction Refrigerated/freezer transport
Year 2017
Id 185.476
Axle configuration 4x2
Transmission Automatic
Mileage 185.476 km
Fuel Diesel
Emissionclass Euro 6
Power 235 kW (320 PK)
Gross weight 19.000 kg
Load capacity 10.130 kg
Weight 8.870 kg
Length box 725 cm
Width box 246 cm
Height box 240 cm
Accessories Air conditioning
Cruise control
T 1000R koelmotor
Draaiuren 1627 h
Dhollandia 1500 kg
All mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT.
There are no rights can on the kilometers, specified dimensions, weights and specifications.
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Naam : Coppens Trucks B.V.
IBAN : NL13 INGB 0677 232543

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